New songs – part 2


So far I’ve posted parts 1 and 1b of my new song suggestions, and as I write about, here is the list of songs which I additionally suggested which are not ‘new’ but possibly would be new to our German congregation. It’s my sneaky way of making my list look shorter.

In Christ Alone – Getty / Townend [Lead sheet]

There’s actually a German version of this in the latest Feiert Jesus book.

The power of the cross – Getty/Townend [Lead sheet]

All I have is Christ – Sovereign Grace [Lead Sheet / chords]

Jesus, Thank-you – Sovereign Grace [Lead sheet / Chords]

You alone can rescue – Matt Redman [Chords]

There’s a whole bunch of other songs which our English small group already knows (e.g. We are his people) or which I figure that people who have hung around English-speaking evangelical churches will likely know (e.g. anything by Chris Tomlin or Graham Kendrick). I literally have 70+ songs on my list of stuff I know (and like!), including a bunch of great Australian songs (See him coming, We belong to the day, Consider Christ, Never alone), and sadly, there’s simply no way we can do them all. Even after I sent this list off, some team members sent me some more song suggestions, some I didn’t know, which I liked (When the stars burn down), or I remembered other great songs (O God of our salvation). I’m not very good at whittling down lists. Thankfully hymns get their own list…

 What have I missed – which ‘newish’ songs could  you simply not leave off your list?

What do you think?