All the world: some further song edits

All the world: some further song edits

Yesterday our English-speaking small group sang All the world in the main (German-speaking) service, as an invitation for the upcoming International Worship service on the 21st.

I spotted this electrical-tape artwork on a wall backstage

Not only was I really encouraged by the response – lots of people singing along when the chorus returned, and getting into the spirit of the multi-lingual bridge – I think I’ve finally decided to drop the third verse. I’ve recognised for a while that there was simply ‘too much’ in there, and the format we’ve rehearsed for the IW service, and how we did it yesterday seems to work. While I quite like the third verse, it is the weakest of the three, and frankly, if it’s going to have a repeated bridge, three verses is just one too many. The lyrical arch of the song works fine with the two remaining verses.

As for the bridge, while it’s fun for our small group to sing it in the 8 or so different languages of our group members, I’m not sure that could be sustained on repeated outings in a congregational context, and I’m initially going to suggest 4 times; yesterday we did English, German, Japanese and Indonesian. It could be even simpler with twice in English and twice in one other context-appropriate language (and if your congregation doesn’t have people with other mother-tongues, why not?). I’m still  hoping to get translations in Farsi, Tamil, Urdu & Hindi.

In related news, the IBC CD project Many Places Many Faces on which I have a couple of songs will be released digitally through iTunes & Amazon etc. on the 19th; more details to follow.

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