7in7 challenge days 3 & 4

7in7 challenge days 3 & 4

This weekend was a crazy time to try and do this challenge. Yesterday was the very first International Worship service (more on that in a subsequent post) for which I had put a music team together; we had a rehearsal on Saturday, after which I had a house concert – a kind of practice concert of next weekend’s Liederabend. Suffice it to say I was already full up with music! Here’s what I managed to scribble before ‘pencils down’:

Saturday was day 3 of the challenge, and all I managed to do was tap two lines into Evernote on my phone while on the tram between ‘gigs’, but I think they were a good reflection of how I was feeling:

I can do all things through him who gives me strength
I will endure because Jesus holds me until the end


Yesterday (day 4) I managed to find a little more time to sit at the piano and came up with a verse and refrain, but unfortunately, they don’t really gel together… yet. The idea was to bring out some of the themes from the first few chapters of Romans. I came up with what I was thinking might be a refrain of a hymn-like song:

The words, which you probably can’t read, are:

And in His grace we stand,

Rejoicing in the hope of glory
Found within our hearts;
The love of God displayed
In sinners being reconciled
By Christ who died for us. 


The next sketch I came up with was for an opening verse:

The words are:

Since the moment of God’s decree
That the light should fill the void,
Every star and every galaxy
Shouts aloud that He is Lord.


Obviously, it needs another verse before coming to the refrain.
There’s a lot to be done…

What do you think?