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Day 6 of the 7 in 7 songwriting challenge; I’ve never written a call-and-response song, so I thought I’d give it a go. This call to worship is based on Psalm 96 (the first time through is the C&R version – with a very reluctant Peta helping out as a makeshift congregation! – the second is straight through – preferences?)



Here are the lyrics:


Come and sing a song to the Lord
Come, you people, bless his name
Sing about his salvation
For he is greatly to be praised


We will sing among the nations
That our God reigns!
The forests and the fields
Will join in the refrain.
When he comes in righteousness
The seas will roar;
Let the earth rejoice before the Lord 

7 in 7 Day 6: Psalm 96


I dress up, play make believe and warble for money. I also like to drink good coffee and think about things like culture, philosophy, faith. As a music steward, I lead congregational sung worship at a monthly international service at the FeG Karlsruhe. The worship songs I write can be found at www.globaleditionmusic.com See my professional biography and performance schedule at www.andrewfinden.com

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