7 in 7 Day 1: Psalm 98

7 in 7 Day 1: Psalm 98

I came across this challenge today, well, this evening, actually. Basiscally, it’s a challenge to write 7 songs in 7 days:

there are only a few rules.  and here they are.

  1. can’t use any old material. you can’t go dig through old journals and finish songs you’ve had laying around for years.  this is about digging for new ideas, fleshing them out, and actually finishing them.  because let’s be honest we ALL have tons of old, unfinished songs lying around.
  2. post your songs daily.  discipline requires some sense of vulnerability.  one of the most vulnerable things as an artist is to actually show someone what you’ve created.  i’ve been writing for ten years, and i still get nervous to show my own wife a new song i’ve written!  it’s just incredibly vulnerable!  so, part of 7in7 is fighting through that as well.  each day/night, i force myself to post a song… sometimes i’m proud of them and othertimes i’m wildly disappointed in them.  but either way, we are all encouraged by progress, growth, and the transparency of simply being an artist.  (i use soundcloud.com to post my songseach 7in7. it’s a really simple website that is free and built to share songs.  others might use their blogs, websites, etc.)
  3.  you don’t need a studio or equipment to record your songs.  some writers have access to equipment and others do not.  the beautiful thing is you don’t have to have any sort of equipment to make a simple recording of your songs to post them.  while some writers track in pro-tools with a few instruments, most just sit in front of their iphone and play/sing their song into the voice recorder.  low quality is just as good as high quality…because what matters is the SONG…not the production of it.
  4. co-writing is allowed.  you probably shouldn’t co-write everyday, or you’ll miss the growth in writing by yourself.  but, an occasional co-write is allowed. 
  5. free yourself up with this truth: you will write a few bad songs.  it’s ok. not every song will be epic. you will grow as a writer, even as you write a few “bad” songs.
My first day’s effort is a bit weak (more of a sketch than is really meant), because, well, I wrote it in twenty minutes, as it was already late (hence the breathy singing.. don’t want to wake the neighbours!). As the week goes on, I’d like to take the time to flesh stuff out more, and there’s probably some bits of this which I’ll come back after the challenge. Anyhow, here it is, based on Psalm 98:1-3:


Sing to the Lord
Let a new verse be sung
Tell of great things
that our God has done
His mighty hand
Has wrought our salvation
His righteousness 
Is seen in every nation
The ends of the earth
Behold his steadfast love
O, sing to the Lord a new song 


Any regulars want to co-write something this week? (especially you theologically trained types who might never have tried their hand at writing lyrics!)

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