7 in 7 challenge Day 5: You are Faithful

7 in 7 challenge Day 5: You are Faithful

Today’s time & effort in the 7 in 7 songwriting challenge was much more fruitful:

The key is a bit low, and needs to go up, but otherwise, you get the idea. Here are the lyrics:

You are faithful

Verse 1:
Promises were made
Before you made the seas
Before you made the stars
That you would come to earth
The One who would redeem
And give your life for us

You are faithful
Jesus, you are faithful
In your promises we stand
Where the scars which mark you hands
Declare you’re faithful

Verse 2:
Your promise we believe
That we will be your bride
That you will come again
Gathered ‘round your throne
Never more to die
Unending praise we’ll sing

Come, Lord Jesus
Come, Lord Jesus
O, come and wipe away each hurt
O come and recreate this earth
We pray, we pray


(c) 2012 Andrew Finden

5 responses to “7 in 7 challenge Day 5: You are Faithful”

  1. I really like this Andrew. Great ‘reflective’/’contemplative’ feel and rich lyrics.

    • Thanks Dan. I think you’re probably right about a second verse before the chorus (though maybe bringing the guitar in after the chorus would change that abruptness?) I also have a few little adjustments, but will work on it properly once the ‘challenge’ is over.

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