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After realising that yesterdays first attempt at the 7 in 7 challenge included accidentally ripping off three songs, I hope day 2’s effort is more original!

Technically it’s already day 3 where I am, but I ran out of time yesterday to put this up. While some are clearly getting finished songs done, I’m going to use this process for coming up with sketches which I can come back to later if there’s anything good there. Anyhow, here is day 2’s attempt, based on Galatians 5 (just ignore the intro, it’s rubbish, but I couldn’t be bothered to fix it):

Ideally I’d like to add to this with the list of the fruits of the spirit, but they’re not at all easy to set to music (to start with, there’s 9 of them, when 8 would be so much easier to balance lyrically.. thanks Paul!).

Here are the lyrics:

Justified, no more in chains
No longer bound in slavery
In freedom now, I am alive
The Spirit’s work within me

Help me, Lord, to walk by your Spirit
Jesus’ love be worked out in me
Crucify my fleshly desires
For freedom you’ve set me free

7 in 7 challenge – day 2: Galatians 5


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4 thoughts on “7 in 7 challenge – day 2: Galatians 5

  1. An idea, based on the one-another aspect, and pinching words from the passage and trying to line it up with the first verse.

    Crucified, no enmity
    Belonging in Christ Jesus
    Love, joy and peace, replacing strife
    The Spirit’s work within us


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