Prodigal Grace – new song on Luke 15

Prodigal Grace – new song on Luke 15

The Impossibility of Salvation, Part 1 (John MacArthur)
I somehow missed TGC’s call for songs for the book of Luke, and only found out because Bruce Benedict posted his submission last night (be sure to check his song out, it’s a bluesy take on Jesus’ temptation in the desert). Anyhow, the point is that the deadline is tomorrow…. so I wrote a song today. Well, I came up with the chorus before I went to bed, but this is a 24hr job. Usually I would let songs ‘stew’ and work on them over a longer period of time, but sometimes a deadline is a good motivator. The song Prodigal Grace is what I submitted.

I decided to take Luke 15 as a basis, pretty much because I preached on it about 18 months ago, so I could draw on the text work I’d done for that. The lyrics invoke the imagery of the three parables in Luke 15: the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the two sons (aka the prodigal son).

Have a listen, and let me know what you think:


Here is the chord chart, and here are the lyrics:

Prodigal Grace
(Luke 15)

Verse 1:
Like a coin lost in the darkness and the dust
Like a helpless lamb who wandered astray
I was separated, in the wilderness
Taking all your gifts, I squandered them away

You came to seek and save the lost
You sought me, and you bought me at so great a cost

I’ve been far away, but I’m drawing back to you
Father forgive me, and clothe me anew
You run with open arms just to welcome me home
You gave your only son just to call me your own
I can never fathom all this prodigal grace you show

Verse 2:
From the mess of sin please make clean again
Light of God with us please show the way
As the shepherd takes the lost sheep in his arms
On your shoulders my transgressions lay

When I’m welcomed back into your family
Let me show the very grace that you have shown to me
I rejoice with all the angels over sinners saved
For I know that my salvation is so undeserved


Copyright (c) 2012 Andrew Finden.

12 responses to “Prodigal Grace – new song on Luke 15”

  1. simone r says:

    We’ve submitted a song. Want to hear it? It’s also inspired by Luke 15.

  2. simone r says:

    I think yours is great as a first draft. What a shame that you didn’t have more time!

    I think there are probably too many parts – verse, pre ch, chorus, bridge. I like the last line of your chorus. I’d make more of that.

  3. egraef says:

    Well done. I think you are talented song writer. I have found that I write much better or at least more frequently when I have some external motivation; which things like this Song for Luke has provided. I look forward to hearing all of the submissions. I wrote one about the parable of the soils and one about the the description of Jesus as the “Son of the Most High” from ch 1.

    • AndrewF says:

      Thanks 🙂

      Yes, external inspiration helps so much. I find that writing for a sermon or small group series really helps focus.

      Do you have a link to your submission? would love to hear it

      • egraef says:

        I’m not the most tech-savvy person. I don’t currently have a blog or any other website other than the lowly fb but I would be glad to send you an email of the songs. I love constructive feedback. I have always said that songwriting is either a gift or discipline and I qualify for neither. Some people can just spit out songs like its nothing (sometimes some not so good ones but at least they write frequently) and still others are very dedicated and disciplined to finish songs they start. After recently being both encouraged and rebuked by my wife, I am beginning to come around to the idea of being a songwriter. I also recently listened to a teaching series from RC Sproul Jr. and he was speaking of something different as an illustration, but the point was made clear and applied to me. He said that we live in a world that expects every one to be an expert in something if not everything. He was learning how to play the mandolin and when asked by someone else whether or not he played, he at first responded “no” but after later being rebuked, he realized that he was most certainly a mandolin player – perhaps not the best or an expert, but he did in fact play even if he was just starting. All that being said, I write, but not as often and as much as I would like. Which is why things like this motivate me to write more. I’ll shoot you an email if you would like. just let me know of the address.

  4. Maricelle says:

    hi! may an mp3 of the song above be made available even just for listening? there is no link for the mp3 on this page. the lyrics are beautifully worded, i wish to hear the music =)
    thanks a bunch!

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