“Plumb Lines” for music ministry

“Plumb Lines” for music ministry


Simone has come up with some great ‘plumb lines’ (or ‘organisational proverbs’) for church music ministry, for example:

Playing an instrument or songleading in church is not about being on a roster, it’s about ministering the word of God to people. A roster is about sharing the load so no one has to do more than their fair share. A ministry of the word of God, it’s about helping people know God better, better understand the gospel, and better love and serve Jesus. We want to do this as well as we can. Thoughtfully. Skillfully. Helpfully. Prayerfully.


Our job is to facilitate the singing of the congregation. We lead the music in such a way so that the congregation sings heartily. The measure of our success as church musicians is not in how good we sound, but in how well the congregation sings.

I could keep quoting, but go and read them yourself.
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