Hymn EP idea

I’ve got an informal plan to make an EP of hymns over the summer, mainly as practice in arranging. I want to primarily use hymns for which the old tune couldn’t be bettered (in my opinion). One of those songs is ‘How great Thou art’. Perhaps my opinion of that one is based on some sentimental value (we sang it at my Dad’s funeral, and I can’t sing the last verse without getting a frog in my throat). I’ve been mulling over how I might play with it, and then today at the gym, I finally got around to listening to an album I downloaded from Noisetrade:

Have a listen to the first track (the whole album is worth getting.. especially for free!) and tell me if that is not a really good arrangement. I don’t know that I have the courage to attempt that hymn now.


Which old hymn do you think can’t be bettered by a re-tune?

What do you think?