A letter to the QLD government re: Fanfare & MOST

A letter to the QLD government re: Fanfare & MOST

The QLD government has decided to scrap funding for two important  programmes: MOST & Fanfare. You can read more about it here. Anyhow, I decided to write to some appropriate members of the QLD parliament (if you agree with me, please sign the e-petition which will be presented in Parliament in September)

Here’s what I sent:


The Premier of Queensland, the Hon. Campbell Newman
Minister for Education, Training and Employment, the Hon. John-Paul Langbroek
Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts , the Hon. Rosslyn Bates

Dear Mr Newman, Mr Langbroek & Ms Bates,
I write to you as a a proud graduate of the Queensland Sate School system, currently making a career as a professional, international musician. Reading of the proposed funding cut for two important music education programmes gives me great concern.

On the education department website (http://education.qld.gov.au/corporate/about/ministerbio.html) it states:

“Campbell Newman’s Government believes education and training are the keys to improved participation in employment.”

It is puzzling, therefore, why the Newman Government would make a decision to cut the kind of education training programmes which are aimed precisely at improved participation in employment.

The decision to cut funding to MOST and Fanfare is short-sighted and will have a detrimental effect on music education and music performance in the State. The response that this decision will not discourage children from learning musical instruments misses the point that those children will no longer have the opportunity to learn those instruments in the kind of programmes which might enable them to have world-class careers. Not only will the children suffer from this decision, in the longer term, groups like the Queensland Symphony Orchestra will suffer. If our orchestra is to remain as a world-class orchestra, then it needs fertile ground from which it can draw players; it needs to be able to draw on musicians who have the kind of training and experience that MOST and Fanfare provide at that vital stage in their education and development.

Queensland has worked hard to throw off the old baggage of being seen as a cultural backwater, and has earned it’s place, please don’t throw this away by axing these important education programmes.

I ask that this decision be reviewed, and reversed.


Andrew Finden



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