Hipsters and being naff

I was going to write a post about how one doesn’t have to be a hipster in order to be an artist, but it was a bit naff. In fact, I often think that stuff I write about just sounds naff. Probably it is. You see, one of the things I struggle with as a blogger is the idea that I always have to have  some kind of didactic point, that posts can’t simple be thoughts that may not be fully developed, but that they have to be deeper observations with practical implications. But do they? Can’t I sometimes write simple observations about this I find interesting?

I think this perhaps holds me back from posting more regularly – feeling like it always has to be some substantial post. Well… this is a personal blog, so I don’t think it always needs to be that way, and I don’t think people reading it expect it to be that way (do you?).

So, here’s to more rambling! (And you thought this post was about how hipsters are naff, didn’t you..)

What do you think?