Singing in tongues

Singing in tongues

Trafalgar Square

I was hoping to have my Acts song ready to share by today, given that it’s Pentecost, but I haven’t quite finished it yet.

It is really coming along, and I’m excited that my friends have contributed (singable.. not strictly literal) translations for the multi-lingual bridge:


Jesus lives, Jesus reigns
He will save all who call on his name


Jesus liebt, Er regiert
Und er rettet all die ihm vertrau’n


イェスは 生ける王 求めよ    救いの主 
yesuwa      ikeruou     motomeyo sukuino shu



Dia hi-dup… Dia ber-kua-sa… Sla-ma-nya Dia a-da-lah Tu-han

I’ve even got it in Tamil, but so far only in the Tamil script, which I can’t read, so I need to sit down with my Sri-Lankan friend in order to transcribe it phonetically.
I’d be keen to add Mandarin and Spanish, if anyone wants to have suggest something – or in any other languages for that matter.

What do you think?