Finding Fred in the Forest

Finding Fred in the Forest

While we live right in the center of town, only a few minutes from the palace, but the great thing is that immediately north of the palace is a park and then a forest:

We get to ride through the park and forest to get to Church, and also to get to our friends’ place, where we were yesterday.

Yesterday however, we took a parallel bike path (they fan out in a radial pattern form the palace) on the way home, and in so doing, stumbled (or should that be, peddled?) across this:

It’s not a church, but rather the Großherzogliche Grabkapelle (Arch Duke’s Grave Chapel), the resting place for a bunch of aristocracy, most notably Archduke Freddy the first of Baden.

It’s amazing how taking a different path, one that is only a couple of hundred meters from the one we would normally take, can yield surprises like this. We also took a slightly different path nearer to the palace, and discovered an amazing playground with a water-play area. So close, and yet it feels a little like discovering a new place altogether.

What do you think?