To a lovely lady: a digger’s poem for Anzac Day

To a lovely lady: a digger’s poem for Anzac Day

To commemorate Anzac Day, I would like to share a poem, written by my Pop, Ernie Finden, whilst serving in Papua New Guinea in WWII:


To a lovely lady

Sweet loveliness I give my heart to thee,
  And pray that thou wilt share thy life with me
In harmony and joy as knowing each
  We’ll strive the hights of happiness to reach.

Thy loveliness mine eyes oft viewed,
  While memories those days have still passed.
As parted from my love they beauty glows,
  And warms my heart while faith to thee still flows.

Faithful to thee I’ll be while life remains
  Because my soul is bound by loves strong chains,
Which will not broken be by life’s decree
  For love is all I yet can give to thee.

Thy loveliness enslaves my beating heart,
  And stirs my thoughts until thee I start
To dream and plan for days to be with thee,
  When hand in hand we will united be.

Thy lovely face most surely is divine,
  And light elusive from thine hair doth shine.
Thine eyes are bright and sparkle in the light
  Of love which ever will delight my sight.

Thy virtues I extol and whisper dear
  That thou art all I’ll hope to know whilst here
With life, to love and cherish thee, I’ll be
  Remembering still the loveliness of thee.

E.J. Finden


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