He is exalted (demo) – mp3 + charts

There’s a subtle change in the title of this post since last time – namely, this song, based around  Philippians 2, has gone from draft to demo (or should that be beta?)! You gave me some great feedback when I posted the draft, and now, here’s a demo recording. It’s still a ‘rough’ demo; I recorded it at home, on my laptop, without proper monitors or know-how for mixing, and my guitar playing needs a lot of work, but you get the idea:

He is exalted by therealfindo

Verse 1:
Son of God and Son of Man;
The Shepherd now
as spotless Lamb has come;
God with us.

From before the world began
The Father’s great
redeeming plan has come
God with us

Every knee bow down
Every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord
He is Lord!

He is exalted
The name above all names
Let all creation
Worship the King
He is exalted
The highest of Heaven;
Let earth resound His praise.

Verse 2:
In his image we were made,
In our flesh he died
The price was paid;
God for us.

Cancelling the law’s demands
As our interceder
now he stands;
God for us

If you like it and want to use it, here’s the:
chord chart | lead sheet* | mp3

*the rhythm of the second verse is very slightly different to what’s written here, but if you listen to the recording, you’ll get the drift.

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