The ‘problem’ of the four gospels

Gregory Thornbury writes about the apparent ‘problem’ of the four Gospel accounts:

Whenever someone raises a question about the truthfulness of the Bible, ask yourself first whether or not the same question would bother any other scholar about any other figure in history. How many biographies are there of George Washington, for example? Is this in itself a concern about the historicity of the life of a pivotal figure during the American Revolution or actual evidence of his greatness and importance?

Second, flip the question around and consider the results. Wouldn’t you be MORE bothered if there was just ONE, tidy historical sketch of Jesus’ life and sayings, like a puff, polished church-propaganda piece put out by the “state run” news agency?  Doesn’t the fact that the four gospels have differences in order, selection of events, and some ragged edges when laid side by side point to the fact that they sound a lot more like the truth?

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