Left-behind.. thoughts following yesterday’s content-rapture.

Well.. what a day here on the blog, yesterday was. We saw a bit more traffic than usual, with some spirited exchanges on a particular recent post, and then, everything disappeared. It was not a case of overload, as the blog itself was still online, it’s just that all the content – the posts and pages – vanished, for no apparent reason. But thanks to the good people at eleven2, they had a backup for me this morning, and all appears to be in order.

To be honest, I wasn’t dismayed, as I’ve been thinking about a complete makover, name and all, with my blog, and such a content-rapture seemed like a decisive moment in starting afresh. I’ve commented before about wanting to change directions, to move away from apologetics to something that opens up more constructive discussion, and, to a certain degree, I have, but, as yesterday’s exchanges show, not entirely. Honestly, I really am over the whole atheist-theist debates. They’re predictable and getting tired. Over the past couple of years, there’s very few arguments against Christianity that I’ve likely not come across and thought about. The simple fact is, that I’ve not come across a persuasive argument against Christianity, nor a substantial rebuttal to the reasons I have for being persuaded of Christianity. I have come across plenty of charged rhetoric, and while there are those who do think deeply about opposing views, I’m tired of the many who seem to be driven by an agenda, or a chip on their shoulder who confuse such rhetoric with reason (it was refreshing to see one person yesterday openly admit that they see themselves as intellectually superior to believers). It is simply the case that I find Atheism and the philosophical naturalism that usually accompanies it to be, fundamentally flawed. Whenever I try and look at the world through such lenses, there always occurs to me to be things which simply do not make sense in that framework. To my mind, Atheism tends to cut off the branch it’s sitting on. I’m sure my Atheist friends would agree that the only reasonable position to take is the one which a person finds most persuasive, and which is most coherent and which makes the most sense of the world and their experiences. Those Atheists who I call friends, I think, would agree with me that disagree, it is important to think. It is important to think through these things, even if, ultimately, we come to different conclusions.

I am, though, glad to have my old posts back, because there are a handful of them which I can point people to in the case of said issues arising again, rather than rehashing them.

Where is my blogging headed? It’s hard to say. I would certainly like to be more focused. The ‘problem’ with the current set up is that it has no particular focus – general thoughts I suppose are good, but it’s a bit self-indulgent if it’s not adding to a particular stream of discussion. Not surprisingly, I suppose, a move towards exploration of faith and creativity and the arts seems like a more natural place. While I’ve got an inkling, I don’t quite yet know how that will play out, and now’s not really flush with the spare time required, so it will have to wait.

Stay tuned!

What do you think?