A couple of interesting quotes from articles I read this morning..

This from Richard Coles regarding OccupyLSX outside St Paul’s Cathedral (HT Mark Mynell):

Christianity began with a PR disaster, on a hill outside Jerusalem. Out of it came unimaginable possibilities for new life and the transformation of the world, not in spite of the disaster but because of it. Christianity at its best has always sought a horizon beyond catastrophe. While such an outcome may seem remote at the moment, this debacle at the very least obliges us to think about where we stand in relation to the powers of this earth, and the powerless and marginalised.

“What would Jesus do?” the protesters’ banners ask, rhetorically. The short answer is, “not what we want”. He is always ideologically elusive, and the debate between those who think he’d be a Trotskyist and those who think he’d be a Eurosceptic is wearyingly barren. We can say that he doesn’t abandon people, and if he stands with crusties on the cathedral steps he stands also with potentates under its dome.

And this from Jeffery Bishop in an fascinating piece at ABC Religion:

the worst insult to Western sensibilities is that one cannot do with one’s body what one desires
As we have travelled the long corridors of the West, it seems that we cannot know ourselves. In the post-Lockean West, the self and the body are thought to be blank slates to be written upon, canvasses to be painted upon, clay to be moulded according to our will. We looked into the space of the body and did not find the soul; we looked deep into our brains and did not find the mind. There was nothing to be known here in this body, in this self. The true story is that told by those who abstract from names in the sterile spaces of the laboratory, who abstract from the real bodies and real lives.

What do you think?