Illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers: mercy not wrath

This piece from Christ and Pop-Culture is written in the context of Arizona’s laws regarding illegal immigrants, but much of it could easily transfer to Australian ‘boat people’ refugees (who aren’t “illegal” btw).

This political season, please try to remember that [they] are not money sponges who are looking to exploit our welfare system. They are men and women with families and dreams, and most of them are here to work and better themselves. They are image-bearers of God, and sojourners in our land: our response should be mercy, not wrath.



One response to “Illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers: mercy not wrath”

  1. @ds_says says:

    Amen. I'm really saddened when I hear my brothers and sisters in Christ speak in such a way of our desperate neighbours, though maybe I should be more saddened by my failure to 'do' much to help?

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