Germany is doomed

No, I’m not talking about the euro-zone crises, but that old classic computer game.

Apparently, for the past 17 years the FPS game, Doom, was only allowed to be sold in Adult stores here in Germany, but the  Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (it’s one word in German) has finally allowed it to be sold to teens, albeit, those over 16. The BBC reports:

The rules have been relaxed because officials believe that Doom is now only of artistic and scientific interest and will not appeal to youngsters.

Are FPS games art?  How about Red vs Blue?

But back to Doom. The decision raises an interesting point:

Bethesda argued that the game’s crude graphics had been surpassed by many modern titles and, as a result, the violence it depicted had far less of an impact.

In other words, the realism of current shoot ’em up games has desensitised us to the violence of Doom?

I’m not against FPS games, but it is worth thinking about the nature of individual games and what they actually portray.

A further interesting note is that the US version is still restricted here, because it contains some scenes from Wolfenstein  (and I remember the headache I got the first time I played that one!) which contains swastikas etc.


What do you think?