Vienna (with slideshow)

We had a great time last week in Vienna. I was there for a big competition, though didn’t make it past the first round – though to be one of the 160 who qualified out of the 3000 who applied & auditioned is nothing to sneeze at. On the plus side, it meant that the rest of the week was a holiday for us.

We visited the graves of Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, J. Strauss, Wolf, & Schoenberg (they’re all next to eachother!) and the house of the walz king Strauss. We went to Schoenbrunn palace and Belvedere Palace and saw some amazing art.

I really loved the prevalance of Jugendstil (art nouveau) all over the city. We found an amazing ice-cream shop, and I bought some yellow shoes. All good fun, with plenty still to do when we hopefully return in the future.

Here’s my flickr slideshow:


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