John Lennox on Q&A

I can always tell when ABC’s Q&A programme is on because my twitter stream gets filled up with people yelling at the politicians on their screens. This week, however, was politician free, a special panel on issues of faith and ethics, and featured none other than John Lennox (one of my favourite Christian thinkers), who is in Australia to debate Peter Singer. It was an excellent and healthy discussion, and I thought John, as well as the others raised some very good points. His opening remarks about forgiveness were brilliant.

Be sure to check it out here.

2 responses to “John Lennox on Q&A”

  1. Fiona Bushby says:

    We are part of Gods created order, made in His image. This should be readily understood and accepted from before birth to our physical death and continuing. A normal, natural part of our existence.
    'Gods Play' is a beautiful way of confirming that which Children already know and accept. Its the adults need to justify their behaviour that causes obstacles to Childrens natural development, phyical, emotional and spiritual.
    Fiona Bushby

  2. John says:

    Hi, I am from Melbourne. Please find a completely different Understanding of the relation between scientism (as distinct from science as an open-ended method of free enquiry , and reductionist exoteric religiosity.

    Essays on Right Life

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