End of season round-up

The end of the opera season is upon us, and tonight is my last performance in Nürnberg. It’s been a fairly busy season, having done 70 performances: 61 on the mainstage, 5 with the Hoschschule production of Figaro and a handful of concerts. Just out of interest, my performances on the mainstage of the opera house look like this:

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John Lennox on Q&A

I can always tell when ABC’s Q&A programme is on because my twitter stream gets filled up with people yelling at the politicians on their screens. This week, however, was politician free, a special panel on issues of faith and ethics, and featured none other than John Lennox (one of my favourite Christian thinkers), who is in Australia to debate Peter Singer. It was an […]

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Some photos from my performances in Nuremberg

Photos by Jutta Missbach and Ludwig Olah.

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How to avoid writing stupid comments on the internet

One of the problems with the internet is the lack of normal social inhibitions that help us moderate our own behaviour and language. I’m sure we’ve all seen people write the most outrageous things that they would almost certainly not say in ‘real’ life. There is also the kind of urgency that online dispute can engender. I came across this comment over at The Friendly […]

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Pasta-dish hat in driver’s licence – for confessional reasons of course…

The BBC reports of an Austrian man who has had his driver licence photo taken with a pasta strainer on his head… because he’s a Pastafarian. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a fictional religion, said to involve the worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and was created as a kind of satirical response to the Intelligent Design movement. Niko Alm first applied for the licence […]

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Pi Art

This was a piece of installation art in Karlsplatz U-Bahn in Vienna : Pi Art from Andrew Finden on Vimeo. It is part of a set of installations by Ken Lum: 14 mirrored panels are fixed to the side walls of the passageway, each furnished with a piece of etched writing. LED displays are mounted under each of these headlines. Based on statistical data previously […]

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Some layman’s thoughts on expository preaching

Expository preaching, according to Mark Dever, is one of the marks of a healthy church. It is, simply, taking a text and explaining what that text is saying. It is in contrast to topical preaching, which takes a topic and takes several texts to explore the theme. Usually, expository preaching  goes hand in hand with preaching through whole books of the bible. While I was […]

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Why more facts won’t change your mind

Historian John Dickson has an excellent piece in the SMH on why we believe things. It counters the idea that we believe something based purely on the evidence, as recent studies have shown that often evidence can cause people to simply become more entrenched in their opposing view. The evidence for biological evolution is good, but my six-day creationist friends seem to get stronger in […]

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Why God won’t go away – by Alister McGrath

Why God won’t go away Is the New Atheism running on empty? by Alister McGrath Paperback, Thomas Nelson, 2011   Following the events of 9/11 a phenomena has arisen in western culture which has been called New Atheism, and it’s leading exponents, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens sometimes called the `four horsemen’ of New Atheism. In this new book, Alister McGrath, […]

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Vienna (with slideshow)

We had a great time last week in Vienna. I was there for a big competition, though didn’t make it past the first round – though to be one of the 160 who qualified out of the 3000 who applied & auditioned is nothing to sneeze at. On the plus side, it meant that the rest of the week was a holiday for us. We […]

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Ten principles for church singing

Kevin DeYoung has a good two-part piece (1 & 2) on principles for congregational singing. Here’s the list, but do read his article which elaborates on each point: Love is indispensable to church singing that pleases God. Our singing is for God’s glory and the edification of the body of Christ. We ought to sing to the Lord new songs. Church singing should swim in […]

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The cost of forgiveness

Forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian gospel, but we cannot rightly understand it unless we first understand the nature of God’s holiness and justice and our own standing before him. Some have declared that the atonement is cosmic child-abuse, and ask, as Richard Dawkins has: Why can’t God just forgive? It’s worth noting that Dawkins is one of the leading proponents of having the Roman […]

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