Review: The Next Story by Tim Challies

The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies 2011, Zondervan, Kindle Edition Are you concerned that you are becoming a slave to technology? Do you worry that you check your email / twitter / facebook too often? Do you feel that your mobile phone is often too intrusive? Are you lost without it? Are you interested in how to best utilise technology […]

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Prof. Kenneth Miller on faith & science

Kenneth Miller is the Professor of Biology at Brown University. In a recent New Statesmen article he writes: I regard scientific rationality as the key to understanding the material basis of our existence as well as our history as a species. That’s the reason why I have fought so hard against the “creationists” and those who advocate “intelligent design”. They deny science and oppose scientific […]

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The Royal Wedding – if only it will go down like this

The UK is reaching fever pitch over the impending nuptuals of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton. I was in London for a few days last week and the coverage in the free commuter papers was just incredible. Many shops have decorations out and Regent St is covered with Union Jacks, and the souvenir tat is mountainous. I bought a cheap mobile for my […]

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Sovereign Grace have been faithfully and creatively serving the church for many years, providing songs for congregational singing that are not only full of solid doctrine, but also full of singable melodies that inspire joy in the heart. I’ve really been enjoying their new album Risen, which, as the title suggests is all about the resurrection of Christ, and what that means for the believer. There […]

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@Challies and video bowling performance art

I’ve been reading Tim Challies new book The Next Story which has been challenging me on several issues related to technology (more on that in another post) so it was very interesting, with these issues and thoughts going through my mind, to see the current exhibition in the Barbican Curve gallery:  Various Self Playing Bowling Games, by Cory Arcangel. Almost mockingly, Arcangel draws attention to […]

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How deep the Father’s love for us

A wonderful contemporary Easter hymn from Stuart Townend:

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Keller on faith

Great stuff from Tim Keller: “They all walked through with completely different quality of faith, equally saved. They are equally saved. Why? Because you are not saved by the quality of your faith, you are saved because of the object of your faith – the redeemer; the God who is fighting for you.”

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Don Carson on Exegesis

  This is a brilliant discussion on biblical interpretation and exegesis:   RC Sproul interviews DA Carson on biblical exegesis from Ligonier on Vimeo via Justin Taylor. I love Carson’s simple explanation of what exegesis is: Reading the text to find out what’s there. To understand what the text is actually saying.  

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Amazing micro apartment in Manhattan

This 8.5m2 Manhattan ‘micro’ studio apartment is quite incredible (except for the fact that she’s paying almost $100 per m2 – compared to our place which is under 10€ per m2): I loved the comment about the lack of kitchen: In NYC most people store their laundry in their stoves anyway

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