Review: The Jesus Inquest – Charles Foster

The Jesus Inquest: The case for and against the resurrection of the Christ by Charles Foster Kindle Edition, Thomas Nelson 2011 My Amazon review: Charles Foster is a barrister,  part-time Crown Court judge and teaches Medical Law and Ethics at the University of Oxford. In this book he uses two characters, X and Y, who argue opposing sides of the case of the resurrection of Jesus. […]

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Review: The Language of God- Francis Collins

The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief by Francis Collins Paperback, Pocket Books 2007   Another Amazon / Bookdepository review: Interesting, but tries to cover too much ground Dr Francis Collins is one of the worlds leading scientists, heading up the Human Genome Project’s successful sequencing of human DNA, arguably one of the greatest scientific and human achievements in recent times. This book is […]

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Love the sojourner – Refugees in Australia

This is an excellent infographic about refugee statistics in Australia: (via Rethinking Refugees) What disturbs me considerably is that much of the opposition to refugees and the rhetoric against ‘boat people’ etc. seems to come from the same group who would declare that Australia is a Christian nation. If it actually is the case that Australia is a Christian nation (and I don’t think it is, btw) […]

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Billy Bailey – Kraftwerk spoof

I’m not sure how funny this is if you don’t know german..

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Review: Map Addict, by Mike Parker

Here’s the review I left on Amazon: Map Addict: A tale of obsession, fudge and the Ordinance Survey by Mike Parker Paperback edition, published by Collins 2010   I was lent this book by colleague, and although I forget the discussion that prompted it, she could obviously tell that I had some aspect of map addict about me. While I don’t collect maps, I did […]

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