How Australian is Australia Day?

One of my friends posted this video to facebook (language warning): Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the rhetoric (for example, changing the flag – we have to recognise all of our cultural heritage, not just the bits we like), but I think he makes a few good points – though I wonder how rich it is of me to make these comments […]

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Live Broadcast: Samson & Dalila

BR-Klassik (the main classical music radio station in Bavaria) is broadcasting the premiere of our production of Samson et Dalila live tomorrow night, and its possible to listen in online. To access the live audio stream click here. The opera begins at 7:30pm (19:30) in N├╝rnberg which is in CET (GMT+1). To convert that to another time-zone click here. I’ve got the little part of […]

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Europe vs Australia

To help some of my European friends grasp the size of my home country, I give you this: (via Derek Welton)

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NT reliability infographic

Great infographic on the New Testament from Visual Unit (click the image for a larger version)

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Fighting the definition

P.Z. Myers doesn’t like the term ‘militant atheist’ and thinks it should only be used of atheists who are physically violent. Now, while I agree that the term is, in practice, unhelpful and can be misunderstood, he’s actually trying to argue with the dictionary on this one. When we actually look up the term in the dictionary we see definitions such as: vigorously active and […]

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Big shark…

This is pretty wild: And for those non-aussies reading:

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They’re just pining for the fjords.

Could this be a poe? Too much Monty Python perhaps? see more funny videos

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Blindness (a short film)

I came across this short film full of wonderful imagery and metaphor (I love how the message bearer gets his hands messy in the process): Blindness from Michael Snowdon on Vimeo. via Page CXVI

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Daily Mail Fail: inventing Australian states

In a recent article about the Queensland floods, the Daily Mail gave us this helpful diagram: Wait a second.. Now, I know we’ve been overseas for a few years, but I’m pretty sure I would have heard about it if they’d divided QLD up like that!

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You know what I meme?

It seems that these days, a viral video meme is not official until it gets auto-tuned. I reckon that pretty soon, it won’t be official until that auto-tuned version gets a glee-style mash-up. Take the famous ‘double rainbow’: Here’s the original video: Here’s the auto-tuned version: And finally, the glee-style version: And what happens if you stick two memes together? Here’s Double Dream Hands: And […]

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