Through the looking glass: Derek Webb on “Christian Art”

A partial cross post from my other blog.

I don’t really like the term ‘Christian Art’ as it is almost always far too narrow and generally ghetto-inducing.
This is a great quote from Derek Webb on the whole issue, where he articulates a very good point:

the job of any artist is to look at the world and tell you what they see. Every artist, whether they acknowledge it or know it, has a grid through which they view the world and make sense of what they see. Even if it’s a grid of unbelief — that you don’t think there is anything orchestrating the world and that everything is completely random — that is a grid through which you make sense of the world.

A lot of “Christian art” is about the lens they’re looking through, rather than the world they see through it. I’m not going to criticize anybody for doing that, but I would rather look at the world through the grid of following Jesus and tell you what I see. But that doesn’t presume that all the art I’m going to make will be about following Jesus.

I’d also recommend reading through Francis Schaeffer’s wonderful short essay: Art and the Bible:

(heads up to Stephen Altrogge for the link to the original article)

What do you think?